Материал можно использовать как для проведения школьной контрольной работы, так и для районной для 8 классов по английскому языку.

В работе есть упражнение на аудирование, работу с текстом, грамматику "Пассивный залог".

предварительный просмотр

скачать контрольную


Автор: Романова И. А.

Из контрольной:

Dialog A.

- Hi, I thought I was late.
- The bell is gone. But Ms Morgan isn’t here yet.
- That’s a piece of luck.
- I thought I was going to be late too. I was looking for my mobile phone which turned out to be on the bottom of my bag. I always feel so nervous before tests.
- It’s not only you. Have you managed to revise the vocabulary?
- As good as… Oh no! I forgot all my essay!

Dialog B.

- What are you doing Tommy?
- Writing an essay about mobile phones in our life. It seems like our French teacher can’t do without our clumsy paragraphs full of mistakes.
- It’s very good of her, I think. Writing essays regularly is very useful for learning the language.
- Yeah, probably.
- I hope you’ll be through with your homework by 8. Mrs. Clock and Sandra are coming for dinner.
- That explains the delicious smell from the kitchen. Yes, I’ll do my best. Now I’m motivated.

Dialog C.

- Who are you texting?
- A friend. She is still at school and I want her to find out about my test result.
- Are you heading home now?
- Yes. If we’re lucky we will catch the 4’o’clock bus. I would really like to catch it or we’ll get cold. It’s so windy today.
- Look, there it is. It’s a bit earlier today or my watches a bit slow.

Dialog D.

- Pleasе, stop texting. You’re distracting me!
- There is nothing to be distracted from, it’s so boring! And if you went for the pop corn I would have left ages to go.
- But I like it! It’s a classical psychological drama and I have to write an essay about it for my French course.
- Are you saying that I have to watch it for the very end? Then you buy me another bucket of the pop corn.
- Agreed. But turn off your mobile phone right now! Ok?

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